SingleCare Prescription Card

Single Care

   Health care coverage is one of the top concerns for people in our community.  United Way of  Williams County is committed to helping increase access to affordable health care and getting everyone the medicine they need.  Many people who live and work in our community struggle to pay their bills and have to choose between getting the medicine they need and paying for food, rent or utilities.

We are pleased to partner with SingleCare to offer this important free prescription discount card program to help everyone in our community.

Since SingleCare (formerly FamilyWize) began in 2005, this free prescription assistance program has helped over 12 million people save money on their prescription medications.  

The SingleCare prescription drug discount cards can be used by everyone in the community for prescription medicine. Not just people with no insurance.   There are no usage, age, or income limits.

Contact us to get your card and cards to hand out to family, friends, and neighbors!