Need Help?

Need help but don't know where to turn? 

The United Way of Williams County supports programs that support individuals needing assistance in a variety of areas.  Although we can't help individuals, we know a lot of programs and agencies who can. 

If you are needing help, find what you need by:

1. Calling 800-468-HELP(4357).  

This 24-hour hotline can give you fast and toll-free access to thousands of services and programs available to Williams County residents. 800-468-HELP is your first stop when looking for all types of assistance. Best of all, a real person answers your call… anytime.  Locally, our Williams County information referral service is funded in part by the United Way of Williams County, with the actual 800-468-HELP service being operated by Ohio Guidestone.

2. Exploring the Williams County Resource Guide right here.