Financial Stability

Goal: Promoting Self-Sufficiency & Financial Wellness
$77,400 Funded

Bed Brigade: $3,500 grant
Being the hands and feet of Christ to provide beds and spiritual comfort to those in need.

Cancer Assistance of Williams County
Bridging the Need with Financial Support: $2,500 grant

Cancer Assistance of Williams County is a dedicated non-profit 501c(3) charity supporting residents of Williams County who have been diagnosed with cancer; respecting the individual needs through direct financial assistance, education, emotional support and resource assistance. 

Helping Hands
Food Pantry: $8,500 grant
The food pantry started in 2002 to offer emergency food distribution through the Ohio Benefit Bank program, USDA government commodities, and provide a community resource to help connect residents to area social services. In partnership with The Village of Montpelier, Hands Helping Hands will be overseeing a community garden that will bring fresh produce to clients of the food pantry who would otherwise not have access to them. Beginning in the Spring of 2018, Hands Helping Hands began partnering with Montpelier Schools and local businesses to offer a backpack program for students in need of food assistance. Currently the backpack program serves 15 families every two weeks. 

Utilities: $11,400 grant
In 1983 H.E.L.P. was created by the Bryan Area Ministerial Assn. H.E.L.P. assists between 200-300 families every year by preventing utility termination or eviction prevention. H.E.L.P. also provides prescriptions, food, and gas for medical appointments.

Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission (NOCAC)
Financial Opportunity Center: $3,000 grant
In 2020, NOCAC’s Financial Empowerment Program partnered with the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) to become a Financial Opportunity Center (FOC). As a part of the LISC FOC network, NOCAC represents the one of the first 12 rural FOCs in the country. The transition to the FOC integrated service delivery model that combines income supports, financial coaching, and employment coaching will not only increase the seamlessness of service provision but also a renewed focus on individualized support to activate and sustain positive systemic change to combat poverty. These changes include: reduction of dependence on social services, increased financial stability, ability to weather financial crises, establish habits of saving, paying bills on-time, in-full every month, and an increase in the functionalization of goal-setting fundamentals.

Open Hands Caring Hearts
Food Pantry: $3,500 grant
We started our program in around 2008-2009. We have since expanded to become the largest food pantry in Williams County, Ohio. Since we now have a walk-in freezer and refrigerator, we generally serve 3 frozen meats and 1 canned meat with each family served. which we get free or at $.18 per pound.

Sarah's Friends
Rapid Re-Housing Assistance: $20,000 grant
Our organization, founded in 1991, is the only program available to assist victim of crime in Williams County, Ohio with the programs offered. Statistically, many victims do not report crimes due to many documented reasons, therefore, we assist all victims regardless of having charges filed or reported. Unlike many domestic violence programs that provide services only to women, our organization does not discriminate on any basis. This allows more populations to be served and assisted as crime affects all demographics. 
The services available include emotional advocacy and support navigating the healing process and finding applicable resources such as counseling or legal assistance; emergency financial assistance for basic needs at the time of crisis; transitional housing for long-term economic stability building; rapid rehousing for short-term relocation assistance; and support groups offered monthly for relationship building and overall trauma care benefits. Sarah's Friends also educates the community through outreach and public awareness efforts such as monthly awareness campaigns, newsletters, and providing printed materials where necessary. 

The Center for Child and Family Advocacy, Inc.
House of Ruth Domestic Violence Shelter: $3,500 grant
The Center for Child and Family Advocacy, Inc. (CCFA) includes the House of Ruth, a domestic violence shelter established in the 1980s, which provides safe, secure, and confidential housing for victims of domestic violence and their children. Food, transportation, support groups, and advocacy are provided at no cost. Case management services are offered to assist families in obtaining community services such as: housing, employment, financial assistance, day care, transportation, and other needed assistance or services not otherwise offered by the shelter.

Williams County Juvenile Court
Family Intervention Court: $2,500 grant
Family Intervention Court (FIC) is an alternative docket treatment court that is used for juveniles and families who have been involved with the juvenile court who also have mental health, substance abuse, or family issues.

United Way of Williams County
We Care Cabinet: $9,000 grant
When individuals want to change their circumstances, financial hardship can be a heavy burden on making a better life.  The We Care Cabinet provides area food pantries with personal care items such as toilet paper, deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. to give that extra boost to individuals in need.  Monthly live drives by B Rock Cares, Midwest Community Federal Credit Union, and the United Way brings in physical and financial donations. 

United Way of Williams County
Emerging Needs Fund: $10,000 grant