Change Address

Are you already enrolled in Imagination Library, but need to change your book mailing address with us?

If your child is signed up to receive Imagination Library books, please complete our Change of Address form (below), so we can ensure that all future books will be mailed to the child’s new address. Include the required information for each enrolled child in the household that is re-locating.

Won’t Imagination Library books be forwarded with my other mail?

Since Imagination Library books are shipped Bulk Rate, they are not forwarded with your First Class change of address completed with the U.S. Postal Service. Be sure to fill out our Change of Address form, so your child doesn’t miss any Imagination Library books.

Will my child’s next book be mailed to the new address?

Change of address submissions received before the 7th of each month will be in effect for next month’s book mailings. Submissions received after the 7th, will miss the mail list deadline and will not be effective until the following month’s book mailing.

What if my child misses a book?

Imagination Library books returned to our service-area post offices are picked up each month by United Way volunteers.  Please contact the United Way office at 419-636-8603 if you believe that you have missed a book.

Imagination Library Address Change
  • Fill this portion of the form out if you have additional children for which you need to change address.